This January, GameDevHacker will bring developers, publishers, and marketers together to discuss the industry’s future. And The Escapist‘s Alex Macris will be there!

Game development is a dream job for many, where you can use your creativity to craft amazing interactive games. But it’s also a business, which means dealing with publishing, marketing, and gaming demographics in ways that not everyone is familiar. But they’re not insurmountable problems, which is why events like GameDevHacker can be very valuable.

GameDevHacker will be held on Jan. 28, 2015 in New York City, where game devs and business people alike can discuss challenges facing the industry. Panel topics cover everything from indie publishing, to advertising, to approaching competitive gaming. What’s more, The Escapist founder Alex Macris (aka Archon) will be there to discuss how modern gaming companies can develop their marketing.

GameDevHacker’s website includes the full schedule of events, plus an impressive list of speakers from a wide range of gaming companies. If learning about the business side of game development is something that interests you, this event should be well worth checking out. Other GameDevHacker events will be launched in Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, and Austin later in the New Year.

Source: GameDevHacker

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