GamePro Takes User-Created Content to New Level


As Web 2.0 offers more and more content delivery and creation models to users, media sites have been struggling to find ways to become the first proverbial fish to grow feet and walk on sandy beaches.

Popular videogame magazine GamePro has taken a large step in that direction with “Videopinions,” a service that allows its readers to upload videos of game reviews the readers create. They’re raising awareness by holding a contest to win a 32-inch HDTV and national exposure. Of the people who enter, five will be selected to have their Videopinions aired on ExpoTV’s on-demand TV network.

Check out the details of the contest here.

GamePro itself runs reviews in its magazine, which makes the decision to open its editorial up to fans of the magazine rather bold. But in a world where every human being can be his own press junket, there’s strength in numbers.

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