Gamer Gets a Trailer

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The first trailer has been released for Gamer, a sci-fi flick in which real people are taken over and used as pawns by players in massive and deadly real-life gaming tournaments.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Prisoners on death row agree to take part in bloody, hyper-violent competitions, with freedom promised to anyone who survives long enough. The tournaments are immensely popular with the public but as one courageous and noble gladiator who stands above the rest begins to approach his release, the sadistic evil genius behind the scenes pulls out all the stops to keep him down.

No, it’s not Running Man and it’s not Death Race. It’s Gamer, a new film starring Gerard Butler, John Leguizamo, Kyra Sedgwick and Michael C. Hall that’s due for release in September 2009. In the movie’s dark future, people are able to take control of the physical actions of their fellow humans, forcing them to do their bidding like puppets on a string. Naturally, this horrific technology is turned to entertainment purposes through a game called “Slayers,” featuring controlled death row inmates thrown into intense, explosive battles, with the reward of freedom awaiting anyone who survives 30 games.

No points for originality, obviously, and I can’t help but have a few concerns about the presence of a character named “Rick Rape,” but how does the trailer look? A victimized good guy, an egomaniac bad guy, gun play, explosions, car chases, Ludacris; in other words, if you haven’t seen it by the second weekend of release you’re probably going to have to wait for the DVD release.

Source: Total Film

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