Google is adding games to its Google Plus social network.

To the bane of darkspawn everywhere, Google has announced that Google+ will be slowly releasing a small stable of popular games, such as Dragon Age Legends, onto your stream (read: wall) beginning August 11th. So far, sixteen titles have been announced including, PopCap mainstay Bejeweled Blitz, the now truly unavoidable Angry Birds, aforementioned Dragon Age Legends, and the ever-enduring Sudoku.

Since its mid-June launch, the not-quite-yet-ubiquitous social networking contender Google+ has impressed many of its early adopters with its easy to use “circles” system, a drag-and-drop buddy list that lets people easily choose with whom they’d like to share (and sometimes even more importantly, with whom they wouldn’t). Now, you’ll be able to use that same system to “see the latest game updates from your circles, browse the invites you’ve received and check out games that people you know have played recently.” In case reading that quote makes you worry about getting hammered by a flood of updates every time a lost black sheep wanders into your Aunt Mildred’s carrot garden, Google assures us that if we’re not interested in Google+ games, it will be easy to ignore them. Let’s hope we can believe them.

Like everything Google seems to do nowadays, the service starts with a limited selection of games appearing only for a minority of users, but according to the official Google Blog, “will become fully available to everyone on Google+ soon.”

I doubt I’ll be first in line to have my Google+ account automatically post about my latest high score in Collapse! Blast to my drinking buddies (mainly because I doubt I’ll be playing Collapse! Blast to begin with), but with Dragon Age Legends making the first cut, perhaps there’s at least a small glimmer of hope for us “actual gamers” to find something we’d like down the line.

Source: Google Blog

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