Gaming website said it is reliably informed by a “trusted source” at Gamespot that the editorial staff there is utterly demoralized and on the verge of mass resignation in the aftermath of Jeff Gerstmann’s firing.

“Our credibility is in ruins,” the source complained to the website.

He said Gerstmann’s termination, widely rumored to be linked to his unenthusiastic review of Kane & Lynch and Eidos’ resultant anger, had not been clearly explained by company management to the staffers.

Consequently, he added, a “large number of Gamespot editors” have said they are ready to jump ship.

The source said the publication had not previously been influenced by the ire of advertisers and game publishers.

He speculated that the source of the firing was tension between Gerstmann and company Vice President Josh Larson, who the source described as “an empty suit.” The source further said Larson had previously hinted to staffers that they should pay “more attention” to review scores on AAA titles.

Kotaku’s source also said the removal of Gerstmann’s video review was a product of its poor production quality rather than a damage control measure by the company.

Source: Kotaku

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