GameStop Cuts Off Xbox One Launch Day Pre-Orders


Xbox One Day One Edition is now available to order from Best Buy as GameStop meets its demand for launch day consoles.

If you’re still considering whether or not to reserve a Day One edition Xbox One, you should probably make up your mind quickly. Just days after capping PS4 pre-orders, GameStop has cut off launch day reserves of Microsoft’s next console.

This also happened last month, with GameStop halting XB1 pre-orders in June, about a week after reserves opened up during E3. The world’s biggest video game retailer made more Day One Xbox One consoles available to reserve over the weekend, and demand quickly exceeded the supply.

Hope is not completely lost, though: Best Buy has once again opened up launch day XB1 pre-orders. Walmart and Target also have Day Ones for pre-order, if Best Buy isn’t your thing; Amazon, on the other hand, is out.

And if you’re wondering what the fuss is over getting a console on launch day, here’s a reminder: Day One consoles get a special controller, distinctive packaging, and an achievement. Microsoft’s next generation of consoles kicks off in November in North America, with Sony’s PS4 coming at some indeterminate time this holiday season; the Xbox One launches at $499.99, while the PS4 will be $399.99. Hey, you don’t really need to pay rent in November, do you?

Source: Joystiq

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