GameStop Offers First-Ever Preorder Bonus for DLC


GameStop is offering the first-ever preorder bonus for DLC to gamers who preorder the Halo Reach Noble Map Pack at its retail locations in the U.S.

Things are rough for retailers of digital products. Just ask the people at Blockbuster, the once-mighty behemoth of the video rental business that stumbled into Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in September. There aren’t many specialty retailers more vulnerable to a similar fate than GameStop but the company is doing what it can to dodge that bullet.

Its latest gambit is a mix of old and new: Offering the tried-and-true preorder bonus reward with in-store orders for downloadable content, specifically the Noble Map Pack for Halo Reach. Gamers who preorder the DLC from GameStop will also get the exclusive Mark V Spartan Flaming Helmet.

The process is simple. Instead of buying the DLC through normal channels, pop into your local GameStop, sign up for the free “PowerUp Rewards” program and then lay down your cash. On November 30 a Noble Map Pack DLC code will be delivered to the “Downloads and Add-Ons” section of your account, along with an avatar code for the Flaming Helmet. Pricing for the DLC will be the same through GameStop as it is on Xbox Live: $9.99 or 800 Microsoft points.

So, smart move? The downside is that you have to get off the couch and drag yourself to GameStop; the upside is that for the same amount of money, you get extra stuff. It seems like a pretty solid strategy to me and I wouldn’t be surprised to see other big game retailers testing similar waters pretty soon. And hey, it wouldn’t kill you to go outside and get some fresh air once in awhile, either.

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