A Gamestop representative has informed the press that after receiving allocation numbers from Sony, the company will be unable to cover all pre-orders at launch.

Last year GameStop/EB Games had difficulty fulfilling Xbox 360 pre-orders after taking on a good deal more than they could fulfill. Even with measures in place to avoid a similar fiasco, GameStop will disappoint gamers yet again. “Sony did notify us that our initial shipment will not be what we expected,” said Chris Olivera, GameStop’s PR man.

GameStop has asked employees not to buy a PS3 until the second shipments start to arrive, hoping to squeeze out a few extra units to fulfill customer demand. The systems will be handed out in the order the reservations were received, most of which were taken within a day in October. Customers will be getting calls today to inform them where they are on the list. “We are anticipating that we’ll have enough systems to cover reservations well before Christmas,” Olivera said, offering some hope for gamers who have to wait.

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