A new online service seeks to deepen gamers’ history and trends through statistics and leaderboards.

San Mateo-based GameStrata, an online service for tracking gaming statistics, has launched with the backing of a number of major publishers and titles, including Electronic Arts’ Battlefield 2, Capcom’s Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, Sega’s Universe at War and The Club and Activision’s Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.

Gamers are able to analyze their performance through an assortment of graphs and charts tracking multiple minute details about the games accessible within the service. Each individual’s stats can be displayed on the GameStrata site and on social networks such as Facebook using widgets developed by the team. Guilds and clans can bring their entire team onto the site to view group information and manage a clan community area where they can challenge competitors.

The company business model is open to various revenue streams. Beyond the typical banner ads, companies wil be able to sponsor events hosted by GameStrata. Marketing firms, publishers and developers can all potentially purchase statistics and data-mining from GameStrata to learn about their products and demographics. Publishers linking games to the service will also be charged fees.

GameStrata Chief Executive Officer Lance Smith stated, “Whether you are playing a simple, casual game or a really immersive first person shooter, everyone wants to know where they rank. You may be surprised to see your stats, but you will likely be even more surprised to see how you stack up against your friends!”

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