GameTap Reveals New Service Label


GameTap has announced the launch of “GameTap Original” for original game titles.

GameTap, an online service for downloading games for a fee, released news that it would be creating a new label titled “GameTap Original”. The new title will be used to brand original game titles already released on the GameTap service, along with new unique software to be offered in the future.

Deals are being negotiated with independent developers and publishers to bring fresh content to the GameTap service, including new TV show and film-based games and episodic content. To support the small companies, GameTap will be a major sponsor of the 9th Annual Independent Games Festival. Ricardo Sanchez, GameTap’s Vice President of Content, believes, “Video games are also becoming increasingly more expensive to develop, which is a hindrance to the pure creativity of the industry. GameTap Original will break down some of that barrier.”

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