Garwulf’s Corner is Coming to Paperback


Former The Escapist columnist Robert B. Marks is bringing Garwulf’s Corner to paperback, and you can pre-order it.

Fans of The Escapist will recognize the name Robert B. Marks. He authored Garwulf’s Corner and Fooling Garwulf, two columns that ran here in recent years. Mr. Marks is now bringing his columns and an assortment or other material to a new book titled, An Odyssey into Video Games and Pop Culture: The Collected Garwulf’s Corner from The Escapist and More

As part of this collection, you’ll find all of the following:

  • All 29 installments of Garwulf’s Corner from the pages of The Escapist
  • A collection of previously unpublished installments including an examination of shared cinematic universes
  • An analysis of one of the most famous Twitter harassment criminal cases of all time
  • The first two parts of “The Road to GamerGate,” a planned but abandoned 4-part series taking a historical look at the events of August 2014
  • Garwulf Speaks, Robert B. Marks’ magazine experiment, with feature articles covering video game piracy to the history of the public climate change debate to the changing identity of the gamer – and short stories ranging from comedy to science fiction to horror.

Said Marks of the new book,

“This is a very exciting time to looking at pop culture – but it also feels much more like a ‘Thunderdome of ideas’ than a marketplace. To be able to return as a columnist, to have the chance to help restore the marketplace of ideas we once had, to provide some perspective that is all-too-often missed in modern outrage culture – and, most of all, to have my readers meet me halfway in every single installment – was more than I could ever have hoped or dreamed.”

You can pre-order a copy over at Amazon.

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