Videogame site GayGamer goes down for a weekend after a string of hateful hacking invasions.

GayGamer, a videogame website for the homosexual community, got ganked this weekend by a team of hackers who utilized denial-of-service (DoS) attacks (a set of techniques which renders the website inoperable to users) to strain the GoDaddy servers until the site was pulled down. The attacks began Wednesday as the assailants caused outages and timeouts while they abused the available bandwidth to the site. After blocking their IP addresses, a Philidelphia attacker flooded the site’s forums with massive image files and death threats.

GayGamer’s statement during the site outage read:

Hello, faithful readers:

As you might have noticed, we have had some connection issues in the last few days and now the site is completely down. I’m sad to say that we have been the target of homophobic hackers. Thankfully, they didn’t get to our database so all of our stuff is still in tact. At this point we are jut waiting for our service provider to ensure everything is good before putting the server back online.

Hopefully, this will be resolved by the end of this weekend, so please keep checking back. You can’t keep a good gay gamer down, so we’ll be back before you know it, serving up all the sassy game content you can handle.

Fruit Brute

Now that the site has returned, GayGamer writer The Boy Blunder addressed the issue in within a normal daily post. The Boy Blunder writes, “Many of you know that our site has been down because of an attack. Which sucks, because I had a lot to write about Quakecon. But it gave me time to reflect on why these things happen and how I am supposed to react to it. The most important lesson I learned from comics though relates to hatred. I learned that any group that is sufficiently different is a target for ignorance. Skin color, sexuality, mutant abilities, whatever the cause, if you are different, you will be hated. You see, gay people tend to love superheroes because we get it. We know what is like to hide your True Identity ™. The need to blend in, the protection of banality. But it is a lie. We are different, and we’re hated because of it.”

Source: Kotaku

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