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GaymerX2, the next iteration of the videogame convention dedicated to the LGBT community, is moving to a bigger location and expanding its schedule for 2014.

Despite suffering a few bumps and bruises from a trademark hassle that forced a change of name, GaymerX went ahead this past August in San Francisco and was by all reports a big success, attracting 2300 attendees over two days. Today, GaymerConnect announced details about next year’s show, the slightly-renamed GaymerX2, which will see the convention expanded significantly.

GaymerX2 will take place at the Intercontinental San Francisco Hotel and will run for three-and-a-half days, from July 11 through July 13. The lineup of speakers has grown as well, and will include David Gaider, Mattie Brice, Alexis Ohanian, Gordon Bellamy, Jaime Woo and John Scalzi, plus returning guests like Ellen McLain, John Patrick Lowrie and Zach Weinersmith.

“For games to be taken seriously as the pieces of art that they are, they can’t live in a culture that is afraid to tackle and discuss issues like gender, sexuality, race, and identity,” said GaymerX co-founder Matt Conn. “The amount of support that we’ve gotten for GaymerX shows that the gaming community is coming around to the idea of having serious debates on how to improve the medium.”

Registration for GaymerX2 is now open. To get your tickets or find out more about the new venue and expanded plans, go to

Source: Joystiq

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