Brothers in Arms developer Gearbox Software has signed an in-game advertising deal with Double Fusion.

The arrangement means Double Fusion will provide dynamic in-game advertising and also handle “integrated marketing solutions” for upcoming Gearbox releases. While details about specific games were not given, Gearbox is currently at work on the next chapter in the Brothers in Arms franchise, Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Borderlands and a new Samba de Amigo title for the Wii.

“Double Fusion is a successful trail blazer in the race to connect advertisers with interactive entertainment audiences,” said Gearbox Vice President of Licensing David Eddings. “We’re incredibly focused on authenticity and we believe our partnership with Double Fusion and their advertising partners will allow our game worlds to have all the plausibility of the real world.”

“The advertisers, in turn, bring value that will enable us to invest even more in creating the best possible videogame experiences,” he added.

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