A teaser trailer for Borderlands 2‘s upcoming DLC tells us “a new Vault Hunter is coming.”

SXSW Interactive featured a panel by Gearbox’s Jonathan Hemingway and Matthew Armstrong, and ended with a very short trailer of Borderlands 2‘s upcoming DLC, teasing us by announcing that “a new Vault Hunter is coming.” The trailer shows a red-silhouetted man going around punching people in the face so hard they explode, hinting that we might see a melee-focused character, in the vein of the original Borderlands‘ Brick.

“Deep beneath Pandora, an experiment has escaped,” the trailer exclaims. “Bandits beware, a new Vault Hunter is coming. More mayhem awaits.” Hemingway and Armstrong dropped hints at the possibility of a new punch-first-shoot-later vault hunter during their panel, when they lamented Borderlands 2‘s lack of a melee character. They also said they were quite pleased with the new stacking mechanic introduced with The Mechromancer, but did not confirm if the new character would utilize a similar mechanic.

Scant details have been released for the upcoming DLC. We do know that it will be the forth and final DLC included in Borderlands 2‘ Season Pass, and that it won’t see an increase in the level cap, as Gearbox previously stated that increasing the level cap would break the game.

The Mechromancer, a character utilizing a robot companion, was previously introduced in DLC for the game, and brought the number of playable characters to five. This new unnamed character will bring us up to six playable characters.

Source: Polygon

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