Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford wonders what a female version of Duke Nukem would be like.

Now that sexist, offensive, and harmful to society. Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford disagrees, saying that the sex of Duke Nukem isn’t as important as his ego-centric personality.

Speaking to CVG, Pitchford echoed recent comments where he said that Duke Nukem is not as bad as he might seem on the surface. “It’s funny, Duke isn’t a misogynist,” Pitchford said.

“He is ego-centric and everything in his world revolves around him,” he continued. “And women can offer him something different than men can. So if, to Duke, women are less than him, it’s not because they’re women, it’s just because they’re not him.”

Pitchford points out how Duke actually puts himself “at great risk” to make sure women are safe, which is the premise of Duke Nukem Forever. He adds that it’d be interesting to see what a female version of Duke Nukem would be like, saying: “Maybe that’s a game.”

Pitchford’s hit it right on the head here. The Duke Nukem games are not about denigrating women and promoting the male gender, but about Duke Nukem and his over-the-top personality, which just happens to be pretty masculine. A female version of Duke Nukem would be engrossed in herself and her interests too, whatever those might be.

Daisy Nukem, if you will, would likely be completely different than her male counterpart. While the stereotypical male wants to get right into the action and kick some ass, the stereotypical female might have a stable of beefcakes do her fighting for her, until they all get wiped out and she has to step in to take care of business. She’d probably also find a way to be president of the world or something. Any other ideas?

Source: CVG

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