Gears of War 2 will receive its largest DLC pack yet in July with the “Dark Corners” add-on that adds seven new maps and a new chapter to the campaign mode, available over Xbox Live or in a retail package that features all previous DLC.

Clearly people are still playing Gears of War 2 like crazy, because Epic keeps on putting out new content. Three map packs apparently isn’t enough, because Epic’s planning its largest suite of DLC yet for July in the form of “Dark Corners,” a pack that features not only a whopping seven new maps, but also a brand new chapter for the campaign mode.

Competitive Gears players will probably be more excited for the new maps (you can read detailed descriptions of them here), but everyone else will probably be in it for the new single-player content. It’s a deleted campaign chapter called “Road to Ruin,” which sounds like it takes place in the latter third of the game when Dom and Marcus are making their way into the Locust Citadel. Apparently the chapter can be played two ways, either “guns blazing or in all-new stealth mode,” which will probably involve wearing Locust armor like in the above screenshot.

Microsoft lists “Road to Ruin” as “a scene,” so it might be horribly brief, especially considering the new maps seem to be the focus of this package, but let’s hope not. Regardless of that, there’s plenty of new content, especially if you buy the retail version of the package, which compiles all the old map packs and comes with a poster, Xbox Live theme, strategy guide and bonus commentary from CliffyB himself.

The retail pack, dubbed the “All Fronts Collection,” will cost $19.99 (not a bad deal if you don’t have the maps already) and the DLC version (which only has the new content) will be 1600 Microsoft Points. Look for it on July 28.

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