Gears 2 Producer Plays Killzone 2


It seems Gears of War 2 producer Rod Fergusson is sleeping with the enemy, as he admitted he’s spent some time with Gears rival franchise and PS3 marquee shooter Killzone 2.

Whether you believe it or not, working on a big name exclusive franchise does not necessarily mean you have to live your life according to the console wars. Hideo Kojima enjoys his Gears of War. By the same token, the Blizzard guys enjoy some Warhammer Online (or at least some did last I heard). And Rod Fergusson, one of the top dogs at Epic Games when it comes to Gears of War, plays Killzone 2. Don’t be so shocked.

“I play World of Warcraft,” Fergusson told VG247. “Most recently I finished 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, which was a lot of fun. I’ve been playing some Killzone, I’ve been playing some RE5.”

I for one am most shocked that Fergusson has played and enjoyed Blood on the Sand, one of my favorite games of 2009 thus far. Even more surprising is the revelation of his compulsive Peggle habit. “I got through all 55 doors of Peggle on Xbox Live… I’m kind of all over the place in terms of games,” he said.

All over the place he may be, but one place where he will not set foot is the horror genre. “I can’t distance myself from things I’m watching, so I don’t keep a professional distance,” he said. “I’m the guy that cries in Bambi and jumps in thriller movies.”

See, they don’t have mass burnings of copies of Killzone 2 in the Epic parking lot. Myth debunked.

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