Anyone who tells you that eggs are good for you hasn’t been playing enough Gears of War 3.

The Gears of War series has more than its far share of over-the-top weapons, but in terms of utter weirdness, and hilarity, Gears 3’s Cluckshot – a weapon you get from a chicken in a pirate hat – has surely got to wear the crown.

As Gears 3 fans have probably already guessed, the Cluckshot is a chicken-themed version of the Boomshot grenade launcher, which, in a way, makes it ever more funny. Chickens that do splash damage? Priceless. The Cluckshot is possibly the most literal Easter Egg in recent years, but how can anyone not love the idea of a chicken in a pirate hat?

As you can see from the video, getting your hands on the Cluckshot is a pretty complicated process and it’s incredibly improbable that you would stumble upon it by accident. Presumably, the Cluckshot is limited to just the single player campaign, which is a shame really, as it would really lighten up those tense multiplayer matches.

Source: GameFront

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