There’s so many extras in the Gears of War 3 Epic Edition you may need a Brumak to carry it all.

The Epic Edition of Gears of War 3 comes in a case so large, you could probably use it to beat a few Wretches to death. And with good reason; Epic Games appears to have gone all out to give their hardcore fans plenty of swag.

First up is a limited edition statue of Marcus Fenix. Standing just under a foot tall, the statue is designed by Epic Games’ own Chris Perna and captures all the gruff and muscular detail of everyone’s favorite anti-hero. Though unless you’re looking to build some kind of shrine to Gears of War, the extra cardboard diorama showing the rest of the cast is pretty paltry in comparison.

Further extras include some well-put together and oddly sentimental personal effects from Adam Fenix, Marcus’ father. Check out his last will and testament, a replica of the ‘Octus Service Medal’ he received for his work on the Hammer of Dawn, family photos and a personal letter to his son. As overly macho and gory as Gears of War can be, it’s kind of interesting to see a side of the universe that’s not all grim and depressing. And for anyone’s hoping to follow in Adam’s footsteps and build their own orbital doom cannon, there’s also a detailed schematic of the Hammer of Dawn itself, though I’m not sure how Epic expects fans to launch one into orbit without anyone noticing.

For literary types who enjoy a good read in between chainsawing your enemies into chunks, there’s also the Art and Design of Gears of War penned by Extra Lives author Tom Bissell. It covers just about everything you ever wanted to know about the creation of the Gears series, falling just short of detailing Cliff Bleszinski’s favorite restaurants.

Finally, just in case you forgot that Gears of War 3 itself is also buried in here, the game comes with several multiplayer unlockables. There’s the Infected Omen Weapon Pack, which gives players a few colorful dress-up options for their starting weapons, and the Adam Fenix multiplayer character for fans eager to step into his combat boots.

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