Gears of War 3’s writer is Karen Traviss, acclaimed author of the Republic Commando Star Wars novel series.

Unless you read a lot of franchise fiction, the name Karen Traviss probably won’t mean a lot to you, but she’s acclaimed amongst fans of the Star Wars Expanded Universe for really bringing the Mandalorians to life, especially the rank and file. She’s also already written two GoW novels with a third on the way and has been tasked with writing Gears of War 3

Sadly, Traviss second Star War series, Imperial Commando, was cancelled, as it was felt that it painted a picture that didn’t gel well with the Clone Wars TV show, and as Star Wars fans know, movies and apparently TV too, trump any other form of media when it comes to deciding what is and isn’t canon.

However, this experience in taking regular soldiers and really infusing them with personality should stand her in good stead for writing Gears of War 3. The story probably isn’t high on most people’s lists of what they like about the Gears series, but GoW 3 might end up surprising us all.

Source: MTV Multiplayer

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