Pick a card, then roll the dice to see if you chainsaw the Locust in half.

Fantasy Flight has had a Gears of War board game in development status for a while now, but has finally announced the release of the final product. Gears of War: The Board Game will pit 1-4 players up against the Locust horde with dice, cards, and figurines in hand.

It’ll take players through 7 “randomly constructed” co-op scenarios that relive moments from Gears of War and Gears of War 2. Missions will require players to do anything from “placing a sonic resonator deep in the Locust-infested earth” to “escaping the attack of a raging Berserker.”

Gears of War: The Board Game uses 17 double-sided map tiles and a map creation system that makes every playthrough unique. It comes with 30 plastic figurines of the four playable COG soldiers and varied Locust enemies. The game also features 200 cards, 75 markers and tokens, 5 attack dice, 4 defense dice, a mission reference sheet, and a line-of-sight ruler. If you miss a Locust with your blind fire, that ruler will let you know.

Locust AI cards will apparently cause foes to team up on players in devious ways. Drones will fire from cover while Boomers toss grenades, etc. However, get up close and you can just chainsaw the whole lot in half, if the dice rolls go your way.

Fantasy Flight hasn’t put a release date on Gears of War: The Board Game yet, but it’s priced at $79.95 on the company’s website. It might be a good way to kill some time until Gears of War 3 comes out in the fall.

Source: Fantasy Flight

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