Gears of War Fan Creates Mindblowing Papercraft


Stop what you’re doing right now. This Gears of War papercraft sculpture may well be the coolest thing you will see all month.

I have the utmost respect for the type of people who can do papercraft art and do it well. It’s a ridiculously time-consuming hobby that requires patience and steady, steady hands. We’ve previously covered a ton of cool videogame-related papercraft pieces … but as cool as they were, I don’t think anyone could argue that this one doesn’t take the cake.

This Gears of War Locust Mauler was created by a Gears fan and papercraft artiste named Alclione, and it is nothing less than a beautiful work of art. Which is slightly ironic, considering that the creature itself is so gosh-darned hideous.

I build Gundam models for a hobby and I wouldn’t touch something like this (because I know I’d mess it up), but if you want to try your hand the patterns and instructions can be found here.

(Game Informer, via TheRealCliffyB Twitter)

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