Gears Of War Goes From TV Screens To Tabletops


Not only is Gears of War getting the board game treatment, but it’s even coming with a single-player mode.

There hasn’t been any update on the Gears of War film for a while (IMDB still lists it as being “in development”, but there hasn’t been any news since it was reported last year that the film was getting drastically scaled back), though the franchise is still being brought over to other forms of media. The series has been adapted into comic books, novels, and -now- it turns out the games are being brought into the world of board games.

Fantasy Flight Games has revealed that it’s about to release Gears of War: The Board Game. While a board game based on Epic Games’ hit action series may seem like a strange idea, the details certainly sound interesting. The game is playable for 1-4 players and Fantasy Flight has revealed that it will include the following items:

? Over 30 plastic figures
? Over 200 cards
? 35 Locust AI Cards
? 17 Double-sided Map Tiles
? Nearly 75 tokens and markers
? 1 Mission Reference Sheet
? 5 Attack Dice and 4 Defense Dice
? 1 Line-of-Sight Ruler

The official description from Fantasy Flight includes one other interesting tidbit: The game will come with a set of “optional solo rules” meaning that this board game will have the equivalent of a single-player campaign. The game is set to come out “soon” and carries an MSRP of $69.99.

If you simply can’t wait to play as a tabletop COG soldier (or don’t want to spend $69.99 on a board game), then you should also be aware that the characters are coming to the HeroClix universe on August 17th.

Source: Fantasy Flight Games via GamePolitics

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