Gears of War Toy Line Promises Fun for the Little Ones


A new Erector set lets children play with smaller versions of Delta Squad’s favorite rides (Locust corpses not included).

UK-Based Meccano (better known as Erector in the States) is setting up to launch a Gears of War themed toy line. The construction sets, which are awaiting final approval by Epic Games, will include three vehicles from the series, and gives kids a chance to play “smash the Locust’s head underfoot” with Marcus and the rest of the gang.

The first line of Gears of War construction sets will run from £24.99 to £39.99 GBP (or approximately $39 to $62 USD), and will consist of the King Raven helicopter, Armadillo APC and the Centaur Tank, and will be available in August of this year. Like most Erector sets, construction will be required, though I imagine the amount of swearing involved will depend on the builder. Future sets, rumored to include a large-size diorama, are also in the works.

It will be interesting to see if any controversy arises from this new arm of Gears merchandising given how these toys may be aimed towards a younger audience, while the series is clearly not, what with the chainsaw bayonets, swearing, and decapitation and all. But then again, Halo happens to have its own children’s toy line, despite being geared more towards the 18+ crowd, and there’s been very little (if any) negative press over its Megablok kits.

Source: Pocket -Lint

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