Genesis Noir is a psychedelic adventure game from Feral Cat Den that tells the story behind the creation of the universe using the backdrop of a 1940s detective investigating a lover’s quarrel turned violent. You play as the detective who seemingly represents the concept of time and, in an attempt to save the woman he loves, investigates a way to stop the big bang —  a literal gunshot aimed at her heart by a scorned ex.

The game tells the story of everything in about six hours, it’s genuinely captivating, and it likely would not work at all outside of the medium of games. It’s the kind of thing that won’t appeal to all audiences — and nearly didn’t to me. Yet as a whole it’s an experience I’m thankful to have had and a testament to the infinite creativity of the medium.

Genesis Noir is out now on PC, Mac, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch for $14.99 ($11.99 with launch discount) and included with Xbox Game Pass.

Watch our full Review in 3 Minutes for Genesis Noir.

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