If you’re importing a toy labeled “canned unicorn meat” to Germany, then you better be willing to wait while the government investigates it.

ThinkGeek is known for its great April Fool’s Day fake catalog items (such as the USB Tanning enter), but it’s canned unicorn meat actually became a real product. Of course, the tin actually contains a dismembered stuffed unicorn, so it’s simultaneously cute and creepy. German customs officials, however, are clearly unaware of the item’s satiric nature.

Apparently some folks in the German Customs office think the tin contains real meat from a “rare” animal. A German ThinkGeek customer has reported that her order’s been held up for inspection:


I just learned that it is not very helpful to describe the “canned unicorn meat” as “canned unicorn meat” on the invoice when trying to import this.

Customs get really irritated as it’s supposedly food and meat of a “rare” animal. For the sake of keeping things smooth please label it as “canned unicorn (plush toy)” or something less conspicuous.

My delicous [sic] unicorn is stuck in customs for almost a week now.

Best regards,


It’s a shame that some humorless government agents are taking things too literally and are subsequently making this geek shopper’s life a bit more frustrating.

Source: Geek

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