Get a Behind the Scenes Look At Gone Home With All 68 Commentaries

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Discover more than an hour and a half of audio commentary in Gone Home with all 68 optional collectible node locations. Most are pretty easy to find, but dozens are hidden in secret corners. If you want to hear everything the developers have to say, check out the full guide below.

More than just an indie curiosity, Gone Home hit the scene in 2013 and major acclaim followed. It tells a simple but personal story through notes and audio logs, avoiding gaming cliches to reveal a family in turmoil. It’s all about discovery and exploring the old house. If you can’t find every commentary node with the special modifier activated and included with every Gone Home: Console Edition, we’ve got all the hints you’ll need to find them all.

If you’re looking for more in-game secrets and hints, try browsing our full list of Gone Home journals and collectibles locations right here.

Commentary Nodes Locations

Enable the Developer Commentary Modifier before starting a New Game to reveal collectible nodes with behind-the-scenes developer info.

  • Node #1: [Steve – Christmas Duck] (1F Front Porch) In the cabinet to the left of the front door.
  • Node #2: [Steve – Welcome to Commentary Mode] (1F Front Porch) Attached to the front door.
  • Node #3: [Kate – Environment Art] (1F Front Hall) On the stairs in the foyer.
  • Node #4: [Karla – Mom Handwriting] (1F Front Hall) To the left of the stairs on a wood cabinet with a white telephone.
  • Node #5: [Karla & Steve – The Goodfellow Owl] (1F Front Hall) To the right of the entrance in the coat closet.
  • Node #6: [Steve & Karla – Uncle Harvey] (1F Front Hall) Also to the right of the entrance, behind a dresser.
  • Node #7: [Steve & Karla – Speedruns] (1F Front Hall Secret Room) Check the wall panel to the right of the stairs to find a secret room containing another node.
  • Node #8: [Chris – Original Score] (1F Left Hall) Through the door from the front hall to the left hall.
  • Node #9: [Steve & Karla – Combinations] (1F Left Hall) Behind a removable panel directly to the right after entering the left hall door from the foyer.
  • Node #10: [Corin – Heavens to Betsy] (1F Left Hall Closet) In the closet to the left just as you enter the left hall through the foyer door.
  • Node #11: [Steve & Karla – Cables] (1F Left Hall TV Room) Behind the couch in the TV Room down the hall, next to a blue carpet laid over a lamp cable.
  • Node #12: [Karla & Steve – VHS Tapes] (1F Left Hall TV Room) Near the shelves on the left side of the room with the rows of old tapes.
  • Node #13: [Sarah – Introductions] (1F Left Hall TV Room) In the center of the TV Room, near the TV floating over the sitting area.
  • Node #14: [Karla & Steve – I, Mudd] (1F Left Hall Dad’s Office) In the office, floating over the desk chair in the middle of the room.
  • Node #15: [Steve & Karla – Kubelik-wise] (1F Left Hall Dad’s Office) In the top drawer of the filing cabinet.
  • Node #16: [Johnnemann – Swinging Doors] (1F Left Hall Dad’s Office) In the way of the door to the library.
  • Node #17: [Karla – Fresh Magazine] (1F Left Hall Library) Through the office, enter the library and find a node in the sitting area.
  • Node #18: [Steve & Karla – 0451] (1F Left Hall Library) In the back corner of the library, near the false wall panel.
  • Node #19: [Karla & Steve – Unique Books] (1F Left Hall Music Room) Further down the hall but before reaching the basement door, you’ll find the music room. The first node is on the bookshelf straight ahead.
  • Node #20: [Steve & Karla – A Novella] (1F Left Hall Music Room) At the back of the room. There are two nodes here.
  • Node #21: [Karla – Adrian Rollini] (1F Left Hall Music Room) To the left of the previous node. This one is above the record player.
  • Node #22: [Sarah – My So-Called Life] (1F Left Hall) At the end of the hall near the basement door.
  • Node #23: [Chris – Ambient Music] (Basement) In the first room as you enter the basement. This is the area with the couch and table covered in a white tarp.
  • Node #24: [Kate – The Furnace] (Basement) Next to the glowing furnace through the next basement door.
  • Node #25: [Steve & Karla – Canadian Mom] (Basement) Floating just across from the old servant quarters room and before entering the basement room with the secret passage.
  • Node #26: [Steve – Katie Intervention] (Basement) Inside the old servant quarters, just beneath the mirror next to the sink.
  • Node #27: [Corin – Riot Grrrl] (Basement) In the same room as the previous node. This one is near the set list collectible page taped to the wall.
  • Node #28: [Johnnemann – Put Back System] (Basement) Last room of the basement with the secret passage entrance that leads upstairs into the 1F Right Hall. Look behind the boxes on your right.
  • Node #29: [Sarah – Direction] (Basement) In the same room, but turn left from the entrance door. This node is near the book shelf blocking the secret path to 1F Right Hall.
  • Node #30: [Chris – Evolution] (1F Right Hall Secret Passage) Go upstairs from the basement using the secret passage in the last room. It leads up, turn left to see the first node in this area.
  • Node #31: [Corin – Fanzines] (1F Right Hall Secret Passage) In the same secret passage, this node is above the box of fanzines across from the desk.
  • Node #32: [Steve & Karla – Florida] (1F Right Hall) In the sitting area visible as you leave the secret passage and enter the main area.
  • Node #33: [Johnnemann – Sliding Doors] (1F Right Hall) Right outside the Dining Room.
  • Node #34: [Steve & Karla – Writing Sam] (1F Right Hall Dining Room) There are two nodes in the dining room — one on each side of the table.
  • Node #35: [Corin – Ideals] (1F Right Hall Dining Room) This is the second of the two dining room nodes.
  • Node #36: [Sarah – Russian Dressing] (1F Right Hall Kitchen) The first kitchen node is found inside the refrigerator.
  • Node #37: [Kate – Greasy Pizza Box] (1F Right Hall Kitchen) The second node is in the center of the room above the table.
  • Node #38: [Steve – The Kitchen] (1F Right Hall Kitchen) The last node is floating near the pantry.
  • Node #39: [Sarah – Someone You Could Have Been] (1F Right Hall Garage) Right in the center of the garage, accessible through the kitchen.
  • Node #40: [Steve & Karla – Easter Egg] (1F Right Hall Garage) Enter the garage through the kitchen and look up in the rafters. There is a purple basketball stuck up there with a node next to it.
  • Node #41: [Sarah – Emotional Connection] (1F Right Hall) To the right of the bathroom and past the Laundry Room. The node is near the false panel that’s already removed, beneath the window.
  • Node #42: [Chris – Perspective] (1F Right Hall Bathroom) Opposite the Laundry Room and past the Kitchen, check this out-of-the-way bathroom to find a node.
  • Node #43: [Steve & Karla – Dryer Note] (1F Right Hall Laundry Room) Enter the Laundry Room at the end of the Right Hall and open the dryer door.
  • Node #44: [Steve & Karla – The Green House] (1F Right Hall Green House) Easy to spot as you enter the Green House through the Laundry Room.
  • Node #45: [Karla & Steve – Ugly Mug] (1F Right Hall Green House) In the back right corner of the room over the typewriter.
  • Node #46: [Chris – Composition Process] (2F Hall) Up the stairs from the foyer and visible as you enter the hallway on the second floor.
  • Node #47: [Corin – Inspiration] (2F Hall) In the lower cabinets of the shelf seen just as you end the second floor hall.
  • Node #48: [Steve & Karla – Cart Art] (2F Sam’s Room) Beneath the TV.
  • Node #49: [Steve & Karla – Stereograms] (2F Sam’s Room) To the left of the TV.
  • Node #50: [Steve & Karla – Religion] (2F Sam’s Room) In the closet, over the open box.
  • Node #51: [Kate – Got Your Number] (2F Sam’s Room) Over the dress in the closet.
  • Node #52: [Karla & Steve – Lonnie’s Photo] (2F Sam’s Room) Inside the green locker.
  • Node #53: [Steve & Karla – Phaedrus Motors] (2F Sam’s Room) Under the bed, near the nightstand.
  • Node #54: [Steve & Karla – Writing Notes] (2F Hall) In the hallway between the bathroom and Sam’s Room.
  • Node #55: [Steve & Karla – Pointless Interactivity] (2F Bathroom) In the bathroom across from Sam’s Room. The node is above the sink.
  • Node #56: [Kate – Tampons] (2F Bathroom) Inside the cabinet next to the toilet.
  • Node #57: [Sarah – Touch] (2F Bathroom) Above the hair dye next to the red-stained tub.
  • Node #58: [Kate – Condom] (2F Mom & Dad’s Room) In the lower-right shelf of the white dresser.
  • Node #59: [Johnnemann – Mittens] (2F Mom & Dad’s Room)
  • Near the framed picture of ‘Mittens’ on the second white dresser.

  • Node #60: [Kate – Ghost Game] (2F Mom & Dad’s Room) In the walk-in closet, look at the ceiling to the left as you enter.
  • Node #61: [Steve & Karla – Missing Shoes] (2F Mom & Dad’s Room) In the same closet, look to the floor on your right.
  • Node #62: [Steve & Karla – Randomization] (2F Guest Room) Impossible to miss in the small guest room down the hall from the attic entrance.
  • Node #63: [Corin – Cassette Tapes] (2F Painting Room) Enter the small room with the canvas near the attic entrance. One node is above the chair in the corner.
  • Node #64: [Karla & Steve – Wildfire] (2F Storage Room) In the next room over from the Painting Room, look in the pile of boxes in the corner. Remove the top to find a hidden node.
  • Node #65: [Steve & Karla – A Place for Christmas Duck] (Attic) Climb the stairs up into the attic, then turn around to find this node.
  • Node #66: [Sarah – This Isn’t the End] (Attic) Above the green sleeping bag.
  • Node #67: [Steve & Karla – The Darkroom] (Attic) In the makeshift darkroom area as you approach the green notebook at the end of the attic path.
  • Node #68: [Steve & Karla – The End] (Attic) The end of Gone Home, at the table in the attic where the credits play.

Collect all 68 Commentary Nodes to unlock the ‘Behind the Scenes’ trophy or achievement. Good luck, and have fun learning about the developers and how they created Gone Home.

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