The Elder Scrolls Renewal Project has released new alpha footage from its ambitious Morrowind-themed Skyrim mod.

It’s been over a year since we first reported on Skywind, an incredibly ambitious Skyrim mod that aims to give The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind a high-def makeover. The latest alpha footage released by the The Elder Scrolls Renewal Project shows off Sheogorad, a maritime province made up of over two dozen islands off Morrowind’s north coast. According to the developers, “We wanted to give this region new assets to help it stand out from other areas of Morrowind, and in turn, have changed its original formations,” which is why this footage from the latest Skywind alpha build may look different from the Morrowind you remember.

As we reported last January, “this isn’t just a straight-up port of the original game; the 70-strong Skywind team is rebuilding Vvardenfell in its entirety with modern assets, so that the shattered island will look appropriately barren without being empty.” The Elder Scrolls Renewal Project is working with the blessing of Morrowind publisher Bethesda Softworks to put the 13-year-old Elder Scrolls RPG into the three-year-old Skyrim engine, thus melding the two entries in the long-running series.

There’s no release date for Skywind yet, and as it appears to still be in alpha testing, it will probably be a while. The Renewal Project team previously worked on Morroblivion, a Morrowind mod for 2006’s Oblivion, and they’re also working on a Skyrim/Oblivion mash-up appropriately titled Skyblivion. I love the idea of fans breathing new life into years-old games, and since I’ve had a giant RPG-sized hole in my heart since I finished Skyrim and all of its expansions, Skywind might be exactly what I’m looking for to tide me over until the next Elder Scrolls game is released.

Source: Polygon

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