Get Every Emblem, Drawing and Larvae in Episode 3 of RE: Revelations 2

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Collect all the Kafka Drawings, Insect Larvae, and Tower Emblems in Episode 3 of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 with our next locations guide.

The horror continues as Barry and Claire trek into dilapidated factories, sewers, and mines full of hidden items. Kafka Drawings only appear with Moira’s flashlight, while Natalia can see secretive Insect Larvae. Target emblems continue to be agonizingly elusive after making a comeback from Resident Evil 6. Find them all with the location tips in the complete guide below.

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Episode 3 – All Collectibles Locations

Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for new updates.

In total, there are 6 Kafka Drawings, 11 Tower Emblems, and 6 Insect Larvae.

Episode 3 – Claire Collectibles

Note: Use Moira’s flashlight to view hidden Kafka Drawings. Tower Emblems are bright metallic blue targets Claire must shoot to collect.

Kafka Drawing #1: As the chapter starts, before going to the factory entrance, head down the street right until you reach a closed shutter. Shine Moira’s light on the concrete wall to the right of the shutter.

Tower Emblem #1: Once Claire reaches the factory courtyards, side-step left and look up above the second floor windows of the large factory structure ahead. Step around the sparse tree to spot this emblem.

Tower Emblem #2: Go up the stairs opposite the locked Processing Plant door and look over the balcony. There’s a large hanging flag in the center of the room with an emblem hovering above.

Kafka Drawing #2: From the second floor of the Processing Plant, look to the right to find a bathroom. Shine light inside the second-to-last stall.

Kafka Drawing #3: Once Claire and Moira gain access to the Butchery, enter the double-yellow doors and turn right. There’s a Red Herb you can collect near the barred window — look on the wall to the left of the herb to spot this drawing.

Tower Emblem #3: Still inside the Butchery, pass through the hanging carcasses to a barred door. This door leads into a dangerous room containing the Slaughterhouse Key. Before going inside, look in the bin to the left of the door.

Tower Emblem #4: During the timed escape sequence in the burning factory, you’ll need to use Moira to push a crate to a destroyed ladder. The emblem is located above the ladder. Switch to Claire — she can shoot the emblem from the high perch with the valve.

Kafka Drawing #4: Once Claire and Moira escape the factory, they’ll drop into waist-deep sewer water. There’s an arched tunnel ahead from the starting room. Shift focus to the brick wall left of the tunnel.

Tower Emblem #5: Still in the sewers, you’ll reach a cutscene and a workbench on dry land. Return to the water and look in the barred drainage pipe at the end of the path. The emblem is behind the gate on the right wall.

Kafka Drawing #5: Further inside the sewers is a box puzzle involving two crates. Head under the broken pipe waterfall and look on the high wall above the tunnel.

Tower Emblem #6: This emblem can be collected by both Claire and Barry. Inside the sewers, Claire needs to help Moira onto a high ledge. Have Moira push a crate down so Claire can climb up, then look across the room for an alcove containing an unreachable rare weapon part. Look in the narrow space between the crates to the right of the part.

Kafka Drawing #6: In the underground graveyard full of memorial stones, enter the lit hallway with a note near the door. Head down the path to the left of the note. The drawing is on the wall before reaching the metal gate.

Tower Emblem #7: Still in the same room, head to the bridge connecting the two sides of the graveyard. Look in the pipe beneath the bridge pathway on the left side to spot Claire’s last emblem.

Episode 3 – Barry Collectibles

Note: Use Natalia to discover insect larvae. Tower Emblems are hidden targets Barry can shoot.

Insect Larvae #1: Inside the sewers, Natalie will eventually reach a bridge used by Claire and Moira in the previous chapter. Check underneath the bridge to spot the first insect.

Tower Emblem #8: While Claire is in the sewers, make sure to open the grate and drain the water after encountering the exploding enemy. Return to the open grate with Barry to find a tower emblem in the corner.

Insect Larvae #2: Eventually Barry can discover an AK-47 in the Sewers. Check the far pipe opposite the weapon location and you should see the familiar insect red glow. Throw bricks inside the pipe to catch it.

Tower Emblem #9: Near the end of the sewers, Barry and Natalia need to work together to open sluice gates. After opening gate “2”, go inside the new path and look to the right on the ceiling above.

Insect Larvae #3: Near the end of the sewers, Barry and Natalia will work together to open sluice gates. Just as this area begins, you’ll climb down a ladder into the water. Look left for a barred gate. Throw a brick through the bars to get the larvae.

Insect Larvae #4: At the very end of the sewers is a huge pile of debris. You should be able to spot the red glow on the side nearest the sewer exit. Throw a brick up to the platform before climbing up the ladder, then throw the brick at the bug.

Tower Emblem #10: In the strip mines, you’ll get a good view of the pit from above. There’s a building with a shipping container fallen through the roof. The emblem is on this container.

Insect Larvae #5: In the mining area, you’ll reach a building with a Dhurlga fight inside. Before going in, circle around the back of this structure’s left side. The insect larvae is on the other side of the fence here.

Tower Emblem #11: After taking the reactivated elevator up and leaving, you’ll eventually encounter a pair of Revenants. Kill them, then use a scoped weapon to check out the rusted metal tower on the right in the far distance. The emblem is hanging on the right edge near the top.

Insect Larvae #6: After a second fight with the Dhurlga, including more Revenants, exit the area through the locked door. In this exterior area, find a brick and look for a fallen bridge up and to the right of the entrance.

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