The studio behind Gemini Rue and Resonance is offering a seriously good adventure game bundle at a ridiculous cheap price.

We don’t report on indie game bundles these days quite as much as used to, because there are so many of the things floating around and to be blunt, a lot of them just aren’t that great. But the Wadjet Eye Games Groupee is definitely deserving of some attention.

For just a dollar – that’s right, a measly buck – you get the brilliant sci-fi adventure Gemini Rue, a Blade Runner-flavored romp through a dark, dystopian future world, and Puzzle Bots, a tale of tiny robots who make a big discovery. And if you happen to have five of those dollars kicking around, you can also pick up the popular Blackwell Bundle, which includes Blackwell Legacy, Blackwell Unbound and Blackwell Convergence, The Blackwell Deception and the excellent Resonance, a dark mystery that unfolds from four unique perspectives.

I’ve played Gemini Rue and Resonance and they’re each worth a lot more than five bucks, so to get them both at that price, plus the entire Blackwell series and Puzzle Bots, is a wickedly good deal. Making it even better, if 2500 copes of the $5 bundle are sold – which really shouldn’t be a problem – everyone who buys it will also get all four official Blackwell soundtracks at no extra cost.

The Wadjet Eye Games Groupee bundle will be available, according to my calculations, until 3 am EST on March 16. If you’re into old-school point-and-click adventures, you probably don’t want to let it slip by.

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