Get GTA V 20 Percent Off at Toys R Us This Weekend

GTAV discount

Get Rockstar’s latest game, or practically any other, for a steal of a price through tomorrow.

If you’ve been holding off on picking up Grand Theft Auto V until it goes on sale, Toys R Us just did you a solid. Through tomorrow, Sept. 21, the retailer is offering a 20 percent off coupon good for just about any purchase, including video games. The coupon is valid in-store or online through using the code FRIENDS20 at checkout.

Granted, Rockstar doesn’t need the sales help at this point, considering it broke $1 billion in sales in the same amount of time Toys R Us’ sale is going on. Still, it’s nice to get a price break especially so early in a big title’s release.

The code is good for just about any toy or game in the store, so if committing crimes across Los Santos isn’t your thing you can still cash it in to give hellspawn what-for in Diablo III, to bring Sam Fisher out of retirement in Splinter Cell: Blacklist or just round out your Star Wars action figure collection. The discount isn’t valid for videogame hardware, though, so those of you hoping to maybe pick up a Vita or 3DS on the cheap are out of luck.

Source: Toys R Us via Polygon

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