There’s only one more day left to get the original Half-Life for less than a dollar.

Yesterday, Valve celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the original Half-Life game for PC. All of the cake may be gone (the cake is a lie), but the party is still rocking. To commemorate this milestone, Valve is offering the original PC title through its Steam digital distribution service for only 98 cents.

“Launched 10 years ago…Half-Life was greeted with overwhelming review scores (Metacritic of 96%), earned over 50 Game of the Year Awards, and birthed a franchise with over 20 million units sold to date,” Valve’s Doug Lombardi said in a press announcement Wednesday.

Picking up the critically acclaimed hit for under a buck is a tasty bargain. The catch: you only have until 12:01 p.m. PST tomorrow to pick it up at the ultra-low price. After that, the game reverts to its previous $9.99 price. Better get moving.

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