Get Jade Empire For Free on Origin Right Now

jade empire screen

You can permanently add Jade Empire: Special Edition to your Origin library for free for a limited time.

At this stage we should all be pretty familiar with Origin’s “on the house” program, where it gives away select PC games absolutely free, with no catch (except for having to download Origin, HYUK HYUK HYUK!!!). Well this time the free game is none other than Bioware’s martial arts RPG Jade Empire.

Simply follow the link, click on “download now”, which should launch the Origin application (if you have it installed) and permanently add the game to your account. Just to clarify, you don’t have to actually download the game in order to add it to your account.

Jade Empire was first released as an Xbox Exclusive back in 2005. It eventually made its way to Xbox 360 and PC as a “special edition,” with several additional features and some graphical upgrades.

It will only be available for free for “a limited time” although EA didn’t specify when exactly the promotion would end.

Source: Origin

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