Get Ready For Free Comic Book Day With More Comic Previews


Free Comic Book Day is getting closer and closer and so we’re back with a few more suggestions to get you ready!

Free Comic Book Day (May 3rd) is only a few short weeks away and The Escapist, being full of benevolent and wonderful people, has decided to offer up another look at some of the free books your local comic store might have on hand when the day finally arrives. Take a look at the suggestions below and let us know if there any that you’re particularly looking forward to.

guardians of the galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy
With Marvel Films’ movie adaptation of Guardians of the Galaxy hitting theaters in a few months, it only made sense for Marvel to start up a new Guardians comic (headed by Brian Michael Bendis) to help build hype for the latest chapter of the Marvel film universe. Now, overall, we’ve heard that this book is pretty decent. That being the case, there’s a lot of good series running right now and we wouldn’t blame you if you’ve been passing up on it until now. That said, with Marvel putting out a special issue of the book for Free Comic Book Day, there’s no excuse to not at least give a try.


G.I. Joe vs. The Transformers
Even if you’re not an especial fan of G.I. Joe or The Transformers, it should take all of a single glance at this preview to convince you to grab this alongside the rest of your Free Comic Book Day selections. Filled to the brim with classic styled visuals and the sort of joyful absurdity that 1980s cartoons specialized in, this free issue of G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers should, if nothing else, bring a smile to your face.

steam wars

Steam Wars
It’s steampunk Star Wars. Do we really need to say anything more than that? While Steam Wars has been running for some time now, Antarctic Press is releasing a free edition of its first issue for Free Comic Book Day. To be honest, this is the first we’ve even heard of this bad boy. That said, the concept alone has us chomping at the bit to give a try. Take a look at the available preview pages to see what you think for yourself.

v wars

In addition to hosting Free Comic Book Day, May 3rd will also serve as the official launch of IDW’s new series V-Wars. In addition to the standard issue 1, the publisher is also releasing a free issue 0 that we imagine will serve as a prequel of sorts to set up the series story. Centered on a conflict between dwindling humans and an ever expanding army of vampires, the series writers have expressed a desire to move away from the romanticized vampires now common today and return to the creature’s roots as a terrifying monster. That on its own makes it a concept worth reading as far as we’re concerned.

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