Get Ready For Free Comic Book Day With These Previews


Free Comic Book Day is mere weeks away, so here’s a few issues that The Escapist Comics is looking forward to.

Free Comic Book Day is a kind of Christmas for comic book fans, in more ways than one. Along with the promise of free books and discount deals provided by local comic shops, you’ll also find the rampant commercialism of publishers trying to convince you to buy their upcoming series. Not that it’s always a bad thing; after all, sometimes these previews just look incredibly promising despite knowing what they’re made for!

In that spirit, here are a few of the Free Comic Book Day previews that we at The Escapist are looking forward to. Whether the finished series will meet our expectations remains to be seen, but until then we’ll feel like kids on Christmas morning for:

free comic book day uber

Uber: The First Cycle
Uber is Kieron Gillen and Caanan White’s revisionist-superhero comic, presenting what would have happened if Nazi Germany developed super-soldiers before the Allies. Now Uber is getting the Free Comic Book Day treatment, but interestingly, The First Cycle isn’t strictly a comic book. Instead, it’s a history book, combining the events of Uber‘s first two story arcs with real-world events in such a way that won’t spoil collected editions.. That makes The First Cycle an ideal primer for the full series, whether you’re looking to start from the beginning or jump into Gillen and White’s upcoming 2014 storyline.

free comic book day sherwood texas

Sherwood Texas/Boondock Saints
Robin Hood has been retold in the past, but Sherwood Texas looks like it will be the first-modern day retelling inspired by Sons of Anarchy. When Rob Hood is left for dead by a biker gang that murdered his father, he returns to his hometown for revenge. Teaming up with the Native and African American reimaginings of Will Scarlet and Little John, Rob eventually finds himself facing the corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham and John Prince, leader of the Nobles. The resulting story should please fans of Robin Hood and crime dramas alike, but if you’re looking for more, there’s also a Boondock Saints co-feature. Written by series creator Troy Duffy, the Saints story is a “deleted scene” from the MacManus brothers war on crime in the first film.

free comic book day new 52 futures end

The New 52: Future’s End
Although it wasn’t the most successful series in the DC Animated Universe, Batman Beyond was still beloved enough to warrant Terry Mcginnis’ appearance within DC Comics continuity. Now the character will finally get his New 52 debut, as he fights an OMAC cyborg Justice League amid a futuristic apocalypse. Future’s End #0 introduces the upcoming series, teasing Batman Beyond’s time-traveling quest to find allies within the New 52. If that’s not enough to convince you, the series also features writing from both Brian Azzarello and Jeff Lemire, both of whom are responsible for the New 52’s most critically acclaimed successes.

free comic book day rocket raccoon

Rocket Raccoon
Rocket Raccoon is practically destined to become a favorite character of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie, so of course it’s only natural that he’ll get his own comic series to book. The Free Comic Book Day Rocket Raccoon serves as an introduction to the character, pitting him against antropomorphized animal races to rescue a princess who is clearly more capable than him. The book’s tone has a very strong Looney Tunes meets Star Wars feel, making it ideal for younger readers or any adults who still enjoy such antics. (And good on you if so!)

You’ll be able to get these books and more from local comics retailers on May 3, 2014. Stay tuned for more coverage!

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