Just when you think LEGO can’t get any cooler, someone comes along and builds an entire arsenal of full-sized and fully-functional replica military weapons that are very likely the coolest things you’ll see all day.

Making little toy guns out of LEGO bricks is no big deal. I’ve done it and if you’ve owned LEGOs then chances are you have, too. But one of life’s cruel truths is that no matter how good you think you are at something, there’s always going to be someone who can easily expose you as the talentless hack you really are. And those LEGO guns you made? They’re crap.

Behold the work of Mr. Jack Streat, an incredibly talented LEGO gunsmith who’s built enough weaponry to knock over a small banana republic, assuming said republic is constructed out of colorful plastic bricks. This post actually began with a video of his bipod-mounted Lee Enfield sniper rifle, a fully-functional bolt action weapon that fires 1×4 LEGO bricks from an eight-round magazine. That led to the discovery of his bigger, better Accuracy International Arctic Warfare rifle and that led to this: The Obliterator, a two-speed, eight-barrel minigun made out of LEGO with a magazine capacity of 104 rubber bands that fires at up to 25 rounds per second.

Let me repeat that: This is a goddamn LEGO minigun that will fire 25 rubber bands in one single second. If that doesn’t give you the urge to affect a thick Slavic accent and start yelling at people, you better check to make sure you’ve still got a pulse.

I don’t even know what else to say. The Lee Enfield was amazing, the AIAW was epic but the Obliterator… well sir, I just thank God he’s on our side. Get an eyeful of Streat’s entire mind-blowing LEGO gun shop, which includes an M249 SAW, a Steyr AUG, a SPAS 12 shotgun, a Tommy Gun and a whole lot more, at MOCpages.com.

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