Get your hands on this online demo, before it disappears by the end of the week.

While a North American release date for the sequel to Sony’s cute and playful LocoRoco for PSP has yet to materialize, anxious players can get a free sampling of LocoRoco 2‘s roly-poly goodness this week. Online gaming site has joined forces with Sony to host a flash demo of the game for a limited time.

The browser-based, Flash demo contains a selection of six random levels from LocoRoco 2. It’s played with the left and right directional keys on your computer keyboard, which is a little awkward at first but basically handles the same as the L and R keys on the PSP. Guiding the charming gooey blobs through a tilting musical world is delightful.

Anyone hoping to test-drive the demo has a limited time to do so; it will only be online until Nov. 21. After that, it’s toast. The full game will launch in the UK on Nov. 26 and in Japan early next month. North American gamers still have some waiting to do.

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