Get The Toughest Carts In The End Is Nigh With These Iron & Glitched Locations

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Finish your long journey through The End Is Nigh with these final collectibles, hidden in The Future and The Past — here’s where to get every Iron Cart and Glitched Cart.

As a reward for collecting the four Iron Carts, you’ll earn yourself the Mega Cart. The Glitched Carts are usually hidden in secret areas in the last run of levels — all with names like Anguish, Gloom, and Blight. The levels are really hard, so we’re just going to explain how to enter the secret areas for each.

If you’re lost and need more Tumors to exchange with the big blob NPCs, browse the huge list of locations in the link bank below. That should about cover everything in The End Is Nigh, but we’re still on the lookout for more secrets.

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All Secret Carts Locations | Iron & Glitched Guide

Even after earning every single tumor in The End Is Nigh, there are still two types of collectibles to find — the Iron Carts, and the Glitched Carts.

To unlock the Iron Carts, you’ll need to visit four NPCs and show them a certain amount of tumors. Each blob NPC will want more tumors than the last, so it’s good to stock up before attempting these difficult challenges.

Find blob NPCs, fulfill their tumor requirements, and enter certain The Future screens to find the ultra-secret Iron Carts. Here’s where you’ll find each The Future level entrance, and how many tumors you’ll need for each door.

  • Iron Cartridge #1: Arid Flats 5 – 50 Tumors Requirement
  • Iron Cartridge #2: Golgotha 21 – 100 Tumors Requirement
  • Iron Cartridge #3: SS Exodus 7 – 170 Tumors Requirement
  • Iron Cartridge #4: The End 0 – 300 Tumors Requirement

After collecting all four carts, you’ll unlock the Mega Cart!

Now, it’s time to start hunting the hardest carts of all — the glitched carts. These are found in the various sections of The Past, the final area of The End Is Nigh.

The Past – Glitched Cart Locations

Glitched Cart #1: Anguish 0 – Floats up around the center of the screen. Just climb the right wall to the single block chained to a balloon-face to jump to it. Reach Anguish 0 by entering the upper area of Anguish 1.

Glitched Cart #2: Anguish 12 – To access the secret area with the cart, hit the button on the third floating platform, then hop onto the second floating platform. It’ll take you up to the secret area.

Glitched Cart #3: Gloom 5 – Butt stomp through the weak floor directly beneath the level’s starting point.

Glitched Cart #4: Blight 12 – Ledge-jump from the first floating platform to break the cracked wall to the left, right beneath the starting point from Blight 11.

Glitched Cart #5: Ruin 12 – Instead of leaving through the lower-right door, exit through the upper-left ceiling passage. Beware, you’ll need an extra key before going into this optional, secret path.

Glitched Cart #6: Ruin 12 – If you activate the timer mechanism at the start of the Ruin area, and reach 12 before the timer hits zero, you’ll be able to return to the area with the previous glitched cart and find a wall lowered, revealing this very tough-to-acquire cartridge.

Glitched Cart #7: Nevermore 15 – No trick to this, you just need to reach the very end of the Nevermore path. If you can do that, then you’ll find the glitched cart next to the exit teleporter.

And that’s it! That covers all the collectibles for The End Is Nigh. Still looking for secrets? Let us know what we missed in the comments section!

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