Get Unlockable Characters in GoatZ to Shrink Heads, Butt-Slam and Spawn Pets

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Unlock extra goat characters in the undead expansion to Goat SimulatorGoatZ. Switch places with a human, shoot voodoo bombs or spawn an endless amount of chihuahuas with these extra mutator goats.

There’s plenty to see in the zombie apocalypse, including a slew of new characters with unique powers. Some are just jokes, while others provided powerful upgrades that make survival easier. Eating food every five minutes and dodging hungry infected isn’t easy, so find a few tips to unlock extra characters with the ever-expanding guide below.

After unlocking the Paris Hilton goat and more, check out an awesome AMC prestige show Easter egg on the GoatZ Breaking Bad Blue Barrels Guide, or unlock the Ninja Goat and more by collecting all 32 hidden trophies.

Unlockable Goats Guide

Work-In-Progress: It isn’t totally clear how to unlock every goat on iOS / Android of PC versions. Check back later for new updates.

Sky Goat: Provides a parachute that can be used at any time to glide long distances.

  • How to Unlock: Find the glider on the top of the tall Whiplash water slide or complete 10 missions in survival mode. Just keep wandering around the map and new missions will appear.

Prototype Goat: Mutant super-goat with a killer groundpound attack.

  • How to Unlock: Travel to the top floor of the Golden Goat tower and hop onto the mad science slab. On iOS / Android devices, survive 10 Days straight in survival mode. Remember to stock up on sugar!

Voodoo Goat: Mystical goat with the ability to shoot beams that shrink heads.

  • How to Unlock: Already unlocked on PC. On iOS or Android, complete 15 missions in survival mode.

Plastic Goat: Spawns an endless stream of rag-dolling chihuahuas.

  • How to Unlock: Go to the beach outside Whiplash — it might take attempting the Whiplash slide and landing on the big red target. Swim to shore, and the Goat will teleport to a green screen studio and unlock this mutator.

Fake Goat: This frightening display is just a guy on his hands and knees.

  • How to Unlock: Get the fake goat in the mall area.

Normal Goat: The normal goat is just a normal goat. It can’t do anything special.

  • How to Unlock: Travel to the farm and enter the pen with the other goats. You’ll get a new quest called “Goat Simulator” — while in this area, you can barely move and only do basic goat things. Stay here for five minutes to unlock.

Spitting Goat: Spitting Goat? It’s actually a particularly tiny camel.

  • How to Unlock: Locate 10 Goat Trophies.

Fireman Goat: Currently Unknown.

  • How to Unlock: Locate 20 Goat Trophies.

Ninja Goat: Currently Unknown.

  • How to Unlock: Locate all 32 Goat Trophies.

Goat Goat: Poop. Lots and lots of poop.

  • How to Unlock: Currently Unknown.

Elephant Goat: This goat never forgets a friend.

  • How to Unlock: Currently Unknown.

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