October 15, 2003 –

Have you seen this cover? Probably not, since there are only about 1000 of them in the world! Due to a mishap between suppliers and retailers, Issue #6 of TRANSFORMERS GENERATION ONE Vol.2 was under ordered by 75%!!!

imageThe previous incentive covers were ordered and printed between 4000 and 5000, making this cover the rarest of them all!

The first incentive cover is listed in Wizard at a hefty USD$70.00 and the second one has been seen on e-bay for as much as USD$50.00. If that’s any indication, this ULTRA MAGNUS incentive is definitely a keeper!

You’ve tried to find it but can’t? Well, don’t worry. We at Dreamwave believe that the true TRANSFORMERS fans deserve a copy, but not just any copy, an autographed copy! So prove to us you’re a hardcore fan, and we’ll give you the recognition you deserve!


Winners: The FIRST TEN fans to MAIL a PHOTOGRAPH of themselves with all necessary covers

Photograph should include:

    [li]Yourself (smiling!)
    [li]12 covers: The AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS covers of each issue from #1 to #6 of the TRANSFORMERS GENERATION ONE Volume 2 series.
    [li]Your name, address, phone number and email address

Mail to:

C/o Dreamwave Productions
11 Allstate Pkwy Suite #200
Markham ON L3R 9T8

Contest ends: November 7th, 2003

The first ten submissions we receive that meet the requirements will win a copy of the rare ULTRA MAGNUS cover signed by penciller Pat Lee and writer Brad Mick. That’s not all, we’re going to give the winner a special bonus prize that you will love!!! We will announce the winners along with your picture on our website, so check back frequently!

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