Guess how many voice actors there are in Dragon Age: Origins? No really, guess! Come on! Guess!

If I asked you to guess how many voice actors there are in Dragon Age: Origins, you’d probably assume I was trying to impress you with some random tidbit of gaming trivia, but what if Bioware asked you to guess, what then? Well, that’s exactly what they did via Twitter, with the closest guess winning a Dragon Age t-shirt.

It turns out that there are 144 voice actors in Dragon Age and two lucky tweeters who guessed 142 are going to be receiving some special apparel, but leaving t-shirts behind for a second, 144 voice actors?

That’s a pretty big number, and although most of them are probably just extras, it looks like we might have a real epic RPG on our hands, or at least a very chatty one, which is something of a relief after some recent big-name RPGs came under fire for the repetitive nature of their voice acting.

Bioware have always done pretty well in the voice department though, so expect some decent performances. I’m willing to put odds on Jennifer Hale turning up in Dragon Age and maybe Raphael Sbarge and Grey DeLisle as well.

I’ll give you two-to-one. Anyone?

Source: Joystiq

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