Kusanagi’s free of her former bosses, but now she has to put together her squad.

Production I.G.’s latest Ghost In The Shell four-part series, Arise, is taking things in a completely new direction, and that means new voice actors and a new backstory. In the first one, Kusanagi was an army brat and hacker hired to look into the death of an arms dealer. Now that case is done with she has a new boss, Aramaki, and a new problem. She needs a team capable of dealing with the kind of threats Section 9 will be up against; wonder who she’ll pick?

This is 8 minutes from the beginning of the second episode, Ghost Whispers, due to air in Japan November 30th. FUNimation announced back in June that it had acquired the rights to distribute the series in North America, and was planning a special limited edition of the first episode, to be followed by an English language release; presumably the second will get a similar treatment.

Looking good so far!

Source: Kotaku

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