“Girly Vader” Dishes Out Some Force Smackdown


“Girly Vader” finds your lack of faith in Kinect Star Wars disturbing.

I don’t care about Kinect or about the popularity of Star Wars as a multimedia entertainment franchise for children, but I do find this ad rather amusing. As a conference of Imperial generals discuss their plans for galactic domination, Girly Vader makes it clear that the Death Star, mighty as it is, is no match for the power of the Force – and she’s not in the mood to take any guffola about it from some tinpot functionary in a uniform.

The classic scene, remade for the upcoming Kinect Star Wars, should be instantly familiar to even the most casual nerd as an early example of both the power of the Force, back before it was retconned into the CGI-fueled nonsense it is today, and the overbearing evil of Darth Vader. It’s funny, yes, but at the same time I can’t help but be a little disturbed myself by the thought of a young girl throttling people for fun, and disappointed that one of the darkest scenes in the film is today nothing more than fodder for slapstick advertising.

This is what happens when you get old, kids. Someday it’ll happen to you too. Kinect Star Wars is set to come out on April 3, exclusively [you might have guessed that from the “Kinect” part] for the Xbox 360.

via: CVG

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