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Hello, everybody! It’s your favorite chicken hugging, RP rollin’, heck of a motor mouth gal, SC! I have good news, I have a story I can put up in chapter form every week. It is a mystery-sci-fi-fantasy-bugaloo! Presenting… GLITCH3D!!!

Glitch3d by Squall_Child

Julia Rose had just gotten out of school. It had been a mere 15 minutes since she was handed the disk. She didn’t look at it though. She kept it in her hands, safe from the rain. She slid the disk into her coat pocket and put a hand to her head to move the long red bangs from her face. Her long hair was held up in a ponytail so the bangs were what who really got in the way. She looked up into the sky to let cool and cold raindrops fall on her face. She smiled. Her day was going to be great.
“Julia, here!” He had run up to her after school. His short brown hair misted over with slight drops of rain. “I forgot to give you this.” His smile was soft and he had the face of a little boy. He was Lee, her very own best friend. Then he turned around and started to run towards the bus but he stopped and looked back. He smiled again, making Julia blush a bit. That had been 15 minutes back.
Julia reached the doorsteps of her house. The only way you could tell the white “perfect” houses apart were the numbers on the door and different plants outside. She of course knew her house because it had the most enthusiastic plants outside, using their bright colors to beckon visitors to come inside. She scrambled up the wet wooden steps, clanked her shoes across the porch, and slid a wet key into the doorknob.
” Finally, I’m home…”

Julia had thrown her backpack on the floor next to the door. She had also slid her shoes off and left them to keep her backpack company. Her next mission was to take that disk and download one of the coolest games ever. She took out the disk and looked at the front. It was colorful with all sorts of characters on it and the name on the front was printed in big gold and silver letters.
“Final Online… awesome.” She grinned and ran to her room.
Her computer had taken a while to boot up, but that didn’t bother her seeing as she was drooling over the case to the game. She finally realized that her computer was set and she pulled the disk out of its case. She sat herself in her chair, grabbed her VR equipment from her desk, and popped the disk in. Her computer’s fluorescent light shone in her face as she looked at the different colors on the desktop. She waited a couple of seconds for the disk to be scanned into the computer’s disk drive then the wait was shortly over. A little window came up asking if she wanted to install it. She clicked yes and she prepared herself for Final Online.

A small town in the middle of a bright and sunny forest was bustling with life. A group of birds chirped. The sun shone brightly. It was a peaceful and beautiful day. It was also the home of new characters in Final Online. Many of the buildings had an Asian look and there was a lot of hustle and bustle with nature as much as there was players. A bunch of new players were learning how to play. They would find superior players that could help train them. The older players also came here to teach their friends how to play for fun too. A yellow aura appeared in the center of a circular stone platform. The stone platform had many written characters on it that looked like a mix of Japanese and Chinese. The aura glowed a bit and then it cast downwards revealing a player standing there.
The new character looked surprised. Her face was filled with joy and she looked this way and that, catching every glimpse she could at the virtual world. The character had long black hair in a ponytail and wore beginners clothing which consisted of a small blouse and worn out shorts. She didn’t seem to mind her old clothing that much.
The player approached a young boy in peasant’s armor nearby to ask a question. The player walked up to him and smiled.
“Hi! I’m a bit new to this game…” She had a feeling he already knew that. “Do you know where I could find a player named Zike?” The girl looked at the boy, still smiling at him. He frowned and blinked a few times.
“And who are you?”
The girl stopped smiling and tilted her head a bit. She searched in her mind for the name she had given her character. She then remembered and quickly let out a sigh of relief. She then smiled again when the boy started to lose interest.
“My name is Rioku. I just downloaded this game. I was looking for my friend Zike, who seems to not be around in this particular area… I guess.”
The boy then laughed. Rioku gave him a sour look. “What’s so funny,” she asked him. He looked up, not laughing anymore, and answered, “Zike? THE Zike? Why would he be friends with someone as low life as you! Aha-ha-ha!”
“You wanna say that again?”
Rioku looked up to see another boy, dressed in gallant armor, looking down at the other boy. His face held boyish and familiar features and his black hair was messy and tussled perfectly. He had a sword at his side and wore a long cape. He was taller then the boy, but wasn’t that much taller then Rioku.
“Excuse me Miss, but are you by any chance looking for the player Zike?”
Rioku stuttered. How did he know? She somehow nodded to this heroic figure and gulped. He then suddenly lost his courageous hero look when he broke into a slight laugh and put his hand on her shoulder.
“Your Zike is right in front of you!” He then stood up straight with a smile. He didn’t look anything like Lee. Julia expected him to look like himself but Julia had made Rioku look different so she guessed it didn’t matter. Rioku casted a smile, then, sarcastically, punched Zike in the shoulder. He grabbed his bruise and looked at her. “What was that for?”
“For making me feel like a lowlife in front of you. Why didn’t you tell me it was you?” He then shrugged and smiled. Rioku shook off her anger and smiled back.
“At least you didn’t make me look any dumber,” she said laughing and she looked back to see the boy standing there. He was in a very heavy state of confusion. He looked at them one last time and ran off.

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