God of War Collection Erupting Onto PSN


The biggest name in bloody, god-killing action will soon be available in a refreshing and entirely digital flavor.

Sony has announced that the remastered versions of the first two God of War games, also known as the God of War: Collection, will be available to buy via PSN next month, allowing gamers to play at being a hyper-violent killing machine, without having to go outside and run the risk of actually meeting one.

Both games have been updated with 720p graphics, anti-aliasing, and a sustained frame rate of 60fps, meaning you won’t get any annoying slowdown when you’re pulling the wings off harpies and hitting people in their stupid, Ancient Greek faces. Sony has also added trophies to the games to make it easier to separate the real Spartans from the posers.

The US blog has no word on pricing, but over on the UK blog, Sony has slapped on a price tag of £13.99 /€17.99 for each game individually, or £23.99/€29.99 for the pair. As the collection costs $29.99 to buy in stores on an actual disk, it seems pretty likely that those numbers will be about right for the dollar prices as well.

Unfortunately, if you buy the games digitally, you won’t receive any of the bonus content that comes with the disc version. Unless, of course, you’re a PS Plus subscriber, in which case you still don’t get the bonus content on the disc, but you do get an exclusive God of War skin when you buy either game. God of War: Collection hits PSN on November 2nd.

Source: 1up

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