Get ready to tear the wings off naked Harpies, folks: Kratos’ tour de force of revenge comes to an end with God of War III on March 16th.

Before, all we knew about the release date of God of War III was a nebulous “Q1 2010,” and then a slightly-less-nebulous “March”. Now, we have a decidedly less nebulous release date: Kratos will slaughter his way into North America on March 16th – unfortunately, just a day too late to celebrate the traditional anniversary of another famous act of Mediterranean violence.

This is the North American release date, with nothing yet mentioned for the UK and Europe – though given that Japan will be getting it on the 25th, it seems fair to say that God of War III will be coming out in Europe sometime between the 16th and 25th of March. March, named after Mars, the Roman name for Ares – the God of War.

Fitting, no?

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