Gods Will Fall is an action adventure game by Clever Beans. For millennia, the gods have ruled over the world with a torturous grasp, but humanity is now ready to fight back.

Every playthrough, you receive eight hopeful warriors with random weapons, skills, and attributes that you send into battle against the 10 gods that dominate the world. Each of the gods resides in their own unique domain that have a set layout but randomized difficulty. It is up to you to decide which gods you shall face first and which fighter shall take them on. The world responds to your random characters, offering buffs and debuffs to create an individualized narrative as you approach areas, defeat a boss, or fail an area.

I am disappointed by Gods Will Fall because it has all the elements of a game that I should have enjoyed. Unfortunately, the choice to randomize the difficulty without offering any meaningful choices to mitigate the challenges this presents just ruined my enjoyment altogether. There are some nice ideas hiding beneath the surface here, but none of it lives up to the drama that accompanies its godly title. If you are willing to look past the randomness, this game may offer a uniquely challenging experience — one that just didn’t suit me.

Gods Will Fall is available now for $24.99 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Stadia.

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