GOG Awards Free Game to Longtime Supporters


If you’ve been using the Good Old Games service for a while, you’ve earned yourself a free game.

For those that still haven’t forgiven Good Old Games for its recent marketing blunder, and even the likes of Baldur’s Gate, Planescape Torment, and Icewind Dale haven’t been enough to change your mind, will a free game make things any better? Whether it does or not, if you used GOG before it left beta, you now own one more game than you did before.

GOG announced today that it’s giving away Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games for free to everybody that had an account with the service before its recent shutdown. At a retail GOG value of $9.99, that’s a pretty decent way to apologize and award longtime supporters.

Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games is the second title in the underrated Jagged Alliance series of turn-based strategy games, and was originally released in 1995. Instead of having players take on aliens like in X-Com or goblins like in Final Fantasy Tactics, Jagged Alliance is a turn-based game that features more realistic special ops mercenary squads in modern-day environments. It’s definitely a good old game, and with four other Jagged Alliance titles offered on GOG, giving it away for free isn’t a bad idea for a promotion either. Deadly Games should be added to all applicable accounts over the next few days.

Anyone that already bought a copy of Deadly Games will apparently get to choose from another selection of free games, but GOG didn’t say what they include. This way, every supporter of the service gets something for free. As soon as GOG got the “B” out when it announced Baldur’s Gate I had forgiven it for faking a shutdown, but hopefully other efforts like this will help others find forgiveness in their hearts too.


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