GOG Bday

GOG has launched a special multi-day to help celebrate its 6th year in the games selling business.

Unless you’re the one being celebrated, birthday’s kind of suck. You have to spend money on presents and treat the person nicely; sometimes you even have to spend extended periods of time with them. All in all, they’re just a hassle, made only worse by the fact that they repeat themselves every single god danged year.

Not all birthdays are bad, though. When a company, for instance, or a store celebrates the day it spat forth from the womb of entrepreneurial-ism, it’s often the case that the minds behind it will use its anniversary as an excuse to hold sales with the hopes of drawing in more customers. Case in point, GOG is celebrating its sixth birthday today and, in turn, has announced a special mult-day promo event to help commemorate the years of its existence.

The sale, which is geared at “taking [customers] on a little trip down the memory lane,” will run for six days. Each day of the sale will focus in on a year of GOG’s history by offering hefty discounts (up to 80 percent) on titles that released and were popular during that time period. For the sales opening day, for instance, the digital retailer will be showcasing Unreal Tournament 4, as well as selection of other titles including Beyond Good and Evil and Jagged Alliance 2. The full list of games on sale today can be found on the sale’s promo page. Take a peek and let us know if anything in particular strikes your fancy.

Source: GOG

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